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Meet your Coaches 


Our Mission

To provide excellent service that leads to empowerment and attainable goals. We will inspire and help our clients navigate choices that lead to transformation by utilizing our unique professional health and life coaching skillset in serving others.

Our Vision

We promote excellence in the journey to wellness. Our business is founded on serving others through leading by example, authenticity, and a passion for holistic transformation.



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Hey guys, I'm Amy! I am excited to meet you and be part of your health and wellness journey, but before we begin here's a little bit about who I am and why I became a health and life coach.


Being a high school science teacher for 6 years and an adjunct professor of Anatomy and Physiology for 3 years, I learned a lot about myself, others, and expectations I hold for my own life. I learned that if you want something you should go after it because life is too short to settle; hence transitioning from my career in education to finding my passion for helping others on their unique path to overall wellness. I learned how to maximize my experiences in life through being intentional in my decisions and setting goals to achieve success in helping others do the same.


Spending the majority of my 20's as a full time teacher allowed me to recognize that I want more out of my life and I owed it to myself to take the next step in discovering what that meant. I was caught in a cycle of accepting what others expected of me and feeling stuck in a life I felt I had no control over. I took a step back for self-reflection utilizing many of the techniques Jamie and I have adopted into our Coffee Talk coaching curriculum to set goals toward becoming the best version of myself that I knew I was capable of becoming. 


I want to help guide my clients on their own journey in a capacity that allows for personal growth, self discovery, and establishing a feeling of empowerment over one's life; so they too can feel confident in the lives they are intentionally building one guided step at a time.



Bachelors of Science
in Human Biology
Masters of Education in Secondary Education
Certified Health & Life Coach




Associates of Science in Film
Bachelors of Science

in Psychology
Certified Health & Life Coach


Hey, I'm Jamie! I started my career in film and television after graduating from LA Film School, studying under the industry's leading professionals. I had the privilege of working with some of Hollywood's best and learned so much about myself and others through those experiences. I also started my own business as a professional photographer before becoming a high school teacher.


During my career as a teacher, I taught a variety of visual arts from drawing, painting, and sculpture to film and photography. I have always been passionate about the arts because it is a brilliant way to express many thoughts and feelings that resonant with a vast majority of the public and move people in ways words simply cannot convey. My goal as a teacher was to be able to help my students find their unique voice through the expression of art and creative writing which has now translated to my practice in health and life coaching. So much of discovering yourself is being able to identify how you perceive the world and put words to your thoughts and feelings, so helping clients pin point their deepest desires using creative writing, journaling, and visualization practices has become a passion of mine. 

I am confident that my clients can build the life they have imagined for themselves and discover what it means to be intentional about their goals in every aspect of their lives. It is exciting to imagine the possibilities that lie ahead and what new creative avenues of exploration, progress, and growth can come out of our journey together! 

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