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Description of Workshop for Schools

As educators we tell students to reach their full potential, but have we ever stopped to ask if they are aware of what their full potential looks like? Students can get so caught up in the day-to-day tasks of turning in homework, preparing for exams, and managing their time between sports, clubs, and other after-school activities, they forget to look at the big picture. Why are these tasks important and how is the follow through in how they complete these tasks so crucial to their development as young adults? The quality of the habits they form will determine the quality of their lives upon graduation and into adulthood. Build their confidence by helping them practice habits that will transform their work from tasks they have to complete to exercises that will shape their future.



  • 45 minute interactive presentation facilitated by Amy & Jamie

  • Contact for pricing


  • Understand how basic needs play a role in behavior

  • Identify reasons people fail

  • Learn how to overcome roadblocks as they are presented

  • Apply transformative habit coaching behaviors to practice overcoming personal roadblocks

What you get

  • Workbook for Each Participant

  • Access to Online Downloads


Description of Workshop for Businesses

Coming Soon

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