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Description of Workshop

Managing your time can be the key to unlock your future success. It might feel like there simply are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to reach your goals. It even might feel impossible to meet the bare minimum required to care for yourself in a way that truly nourishes the deepest parts of who you are. Learning how to prioritize your daily tasks, strategize for future tasks, set boundaries to protect your time and honor the value of your time, will help you find that there are enough hours in a day to not only take care of the necessities but add more of what you love to your life. Once you discover the power of honoring and managing your time, you will find that your energy is more easily replenished and the tasks that used to feel like “going through the motions” are now meaningful, allowing you to be fully present.


  • 45 minute interactive presentation facilitated by Amy & Jamie

  • Contact for pricing


  • Understand the value of time and priorities in relation to overall wellness

  • Learn how to prioritize activities based on mental energy

  • Recognize the need for boundaries and learn how to establish them

  • Apply transformative behavior coaching techniques to make your time feel meaningful

What You get

  •  Workbook for Each Participant

  • Access to Online Downloads

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